Knowlede Matters!


KMatters is a Knowledge Management consulting company. KMatters launched its service in 2017. Please subscribe to our mailing list for more updates.


Are you in need for Knowledge Management?

  • Does your team face problems acessing Organisational knowledge / information?
  • Does your organisation experience information loss when an employee leaves the organisation?
  • Does your team spend un-necessary time searching for information?
  • Does your work face delays because of difficulty in accessing information or because of having incorrect, outdated, or poorly-presented information?
  • Do you need a better way of organising, acessing and sharing information among your team members?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, KMatters can help your organisation in setting and achieving your Knowledge Managemnt KPIs.

    KMatters vision

    KMatters recognises that knowledge management in any organisation is normally a complex process due to the interaction between people, technology, policies, and procedures, and is strongly dependant on the maturity of the business processes. KMatters has develped a simplified methodology that helps organisations avoid complex and expensive solutions, while achieving knowledge targets in a short duration.

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