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Animal Farming

Listing of Providers of Services Relevant to Animal Farming in Australia

Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat and Sheep Society AABMGS - Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat and Sheep Society Inc (AABMGS) caters for the needs of breeders and enthusiasts of miniature goats and sheep and runs a registry for miniature breeds.

ACGC | Australian Chicken Growers' Council -

Resources for Australian Egg Farmers: Standards, Training & More - A support structure to provide tools and training to inform Australian farmers on Animal Welfare, Egg Quality Standards, Biosecurity and Food Safety.

Home - The Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association - ANGFA

ASHEEP | Esperance | Grower Group - ASHEEP is a pasture and livestock grower group based in Esperance, Western Australia, promoting the role of sheep and cattle in farming systems.

Farm Transparency Project | Australian animal protection charity - Farm Transparency Project is an Australian animal protection charity, seeking to force transparency on industries that engage in animal cruelty and exploitation.

Australian Eggs: Recipes, Cooking, Nutrition & Farming - Australian Eggs is the home of information & inspiration on the enjoyment of eggs. Find easy how to recipes and learn about egg farming online today.

Babydoll Sheep Breeders Australia - Babydoll Sheep Breeders Australia - Babydoll sheep breeders working together to develop a breed of short woolly sheep based on the Southdown

Basenji Puppy Breeders Australia Basenji Puppy Breeders - Basenji Puppy Breeders Directory - a list of Basenji Puppy Breeders that are memebers of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association

Bendigo Community Farmers Market – Farmers Growing Community -