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Animal Transport & Handling

Listing of Providers of Animal Transport & Handling Services & Equipment in New Zealand

Corohawk Meal Feed Systems Dog Kennels Animal Shelters Silos Water Tanks Augers Horse Stables Hay Barns - Corohawk have developed a range of dog kennels, animal shelters and animal meal feed systems that are designed to meet the needs of the New Zealand farmer and animal owner.

AC Petfoods Ltd - Pet Food Manufacturer - AC Petfoods buys and processes cows, horses, bobby calves and sheep to produce meat products and meat by products to sell to the petfood industry.

Lifestyle Block | Information and support for lifestyle farmers - LSB - Information and support for lifestyle farmers

Animal Bedding & Stand-Off Pad Supplies - Moorey Animal Bedding - Moorey is #1 for all Animal Bedding & Stand-Off Pad materials made from 100% untreated NZ pine: Kiln-Dried Shavings, Chipper-fines, Woodchip, Saw Dust and Post Peel. Call us on 07 888 1995

Manufacturing - Dog Runs, Hay & Baleage Feeders, Ute Boxes - Agricultural Manufacturing - Specialising in Galvanised Pipe work, round bale, baleage and Hay Feeders, Dog Runs and Kennels, Aluminium Dog Crates and Boxes.

BALCAIRN STOCKFOODS - Balcairn Stockfoods - Balcairn Stockfoods supply livestock feed and equipment to a range of customers from backyard and lifestyle blocks to large stations and commercial operators. Their store and drive thru is based in Balcairn, North Canterbury.

Road Haulage Ltd - Livestock Cartage, Stock Trucks, Tip Trucks, fertilizer, metal, sand, wool bales and baleage, Hamilton, Waikato, NZ, Default - Road Haulage specialise in Livestock cartage and bulk fertilizer, metal, sand, wool bales and baleage

Portable Animal Handling Equipment | Prattley Industries Ltd - Prattley are world leaders in portable, light-weight and automated handling equipment for cattle, sheep and other farm animals for on-the-spot animal management.

Highland Cattle and Sheep Stud Farm - Eadon Fold have provided thousands of livestock sales to discerning buyers across NZ & internationally looking for Highland cattle & Poll Dorset sheep.

McCormack Transport - Livestock Cartage, Stock Trucks, Tip Trucks, Flat Deck Trucks, Aggregate, Fertiliser, Palm Kernel, Silage, Hay, Hamilton, Waikato, North Island, NZ - McCormack Transport are cartage contractors focusing on Livestock cartage and bulk aggregate, fertiliser and palm kernal along with hay, silage bales and bagged fertiliser