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Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Research

Listing of Providers of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Research Services in New Zealand

Manuka Bioscience | Science and nature -

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Pacific Clinical Research Network | New Zealand | Clinical Trial Studies & Research - PCRN aligns two of Australia and New Zealand’s market leading and privately owned organisations, offering dedicated clinical research and clinical studies

Ngaio Diagnostics - Ngaio recognises how important it is to supply you with reliable products that offer you value. We represent some of the world's leading manufacturers of quality diagnostics so you have easy access to the best the world has to offer.

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Clinical Horizons NZ | Medical Research | Clinical Trials - Clinical Horizons NZ is an independent medical research company. Our portfolio includes research consultancy, medical writing and basic scientific research.

Plant Diagnostics | Plant Disease Diagnosis and Plant Health Services -

Helius Therapeutics | Medicinal Cannabis | New Zealand - Helius Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on medicinal cannabis research and development in Auckland, New Zealand

Native Antigens & Antibodies | AROTEC Diagnostics - Look no further for the benchmark in protein purity. Browse our extensive range of autoimmune reagents - Autoantigens, Antibodies & Neutrophil Markers. AROTEC has been offering the highest quality for over 20 years in native and recombinant proteins.