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Kmatters is a company specializing in Knowledge Management. It has introduced an innovative methodology for data structuring and accessibility to address different business and organizational needs. Kmatters also provides tailor-made consulting services. Our flagship product is B2WEB web directory, the first AI-powered web directory, which enables efficient organization of websites for easy B2B web access. In addition, Kmatters provides customized consulting services for analyzing unstructured data, designing logical and practical data and knowledge management structures. In addition, Kmatters has a significant capability in Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems Engineering to implement solutions for organizing data and creating value for our clients.

Our Services & Solutions

Consulting Services

Our consulting services cater for business needs where there are challenges in accessing or organizing unstructured data. We understand that this challenge requires solutions that have both a technology element and a creative element, to be developed in a practical way to integrate with the existing business processes.

B2Web is the first AI-powered web directory. This directory enables direct access to relevant business domains.

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