Australian Business Directories

There is a number of business directories in Australia which every day consumers can rely on to locate businesses which are relevant to their needs.

However; business professionals have very limited choices. Examples of business professionals can include researchers, procurement, and sales people.

We can describe the options available to business users in the following sentences.

  • The directories span multiple sites and each covers a specific industry.
  • Managers of these directories do not populate them with enough listings.
  • In addition, managers of these directories do not update them regularly.

Users can’t easily access business directories relevant to the needs of business professionals. Therefore, This is in contrast to the needs of everyday consumers. Everyday consumers have multiple online options which are highly reliable.

The objective of the new platform is to enable easy access to business links. It also aims to provide basic business information in target industry sectors. 

Furthermore, the new platform will rely on advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques. This will enable listing of the links relevant to the industrial sectors which are of interest to the user.

Key features of the new platform are listed below.

  1. The platform does not aim to find links to businesses relevant to everyday consumers.
  2. It has a wide coverage of various industrial sectors within the same platform.

The new platform will enable agile business matching for business professionals. In addition, it will increase the options available to professionals seeking reliable business linking alternatives.

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