How to find customers from business listings?

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As a business, you are part of an ecosystem. You are part of a supply chain. In this chain, you have suppliers and you have customers. The question is, how can you easily find suppliers and customers on the web?

The intuitive way is to do a Google search. Suppose for example that you manufacture food packaging. You want to find all food processing companies within a certain area to approach them to buy your product. Can you do this with Google search? Let’s see!

How to find customers and suppliers through Google search?

It is possible, however, not in a straightforward way. First you will need to go past the search ads. Then, when you get to the actual results, it may still be problematic. You may need to go through different search pages to find what you are looking for. If you are lucky, maybe one of the results is the actual listing that you need.

At KMatters, our AI-powered business directory B2Web addresses this issue very elegantly. How to find customers on B2Web? You just navigate to your category of interest, and then you can find the list of businesses you are looking for.

So, from this perspective, you can find customers by identifying the criteria and category of interest to you. Once you have this category, you will have very quick access to many companies operating in this area. With very little work, you will be able to establish contact with these companies and start doing business.

On the other hand, by listing your company on B2Web, you will have much more exposure to the companies looking to benefit from the product and/or service you are offering. Start now to explore B2Web and see the various possibilities of how it can add to your business visibility, and helping you acquire new customers, suppliers or partners.

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